Hospitals, Clinics & Medical organizations are required to view or collect the identification details of their patients or visitors during registration process. This is mainly done for updating the eMR systems and for security reasons.

Automated Data Capture Process

Automated patient data capture and eMR/HMS profile update using advanced Desktop based or iPad/Android based Passport/ID scanning solutions

Key Features & Benefits

    • Automated Capture of ID information directly from ID Documents
    • Speed up your guest check-in process
    • Scan & read all international ICAO Passports, 6,500+ National ID cards & Driver Licenses
    • Eliminate manual data entry errors
    • Range of Passport/ID readers
    • Over 500+ systems supplied worldwide
    • Easy integration with eMR & HMS systems
    • Automated Age calculation and display
    • Digital storage, cloud storage or no storage options
    • Auto detection, Auto Rotation, Auto Cropping & Auto Resizing of ID images
    • Options for saving Guest Face Image as well as Full ID image during scan
    • Maintain visitor records and visit history
    • Enhance staff productivity and reduce costs

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